Farmers Choice

  • Our Best-selling polytube.
  • Most bang for your buck.
  • Good quality, dependable polytubing at the lowest price on the market.

Premier Plus

  • Excellent quality pipe.
  • Great Strength and Toughness.
  • The quality is unbeatable and performance in the field makes this a top of the line tubing.

Waterbug Premium

  • A True Heavy Duty Pipe
  • 3 Layers for added strength and durability
  • Best Pipe on the market
  • This is the strongest, most durable, and longest-lasting pipe on the market.

Polytube—keeping your fields wet, without running your wallet dry.

We understand that polytubing is one of the most labor-intensive aspects of today’s farm. That is why we source our tubing from only the best manufacturers in which we have long standing relationships with. We only use high-performance prime resins and additives to ensure you get the best tubing possible for your operation. Our goal is to save you money while offering top-notch service.

Free shipping on orders of 2 pallets or more! 8 rolls per pallet. Some areas outside of our normal poly tubing area may not qualify for free shipping.

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The average lead time is 3-5 days after we receive payment. Don’t wait until the day you need it to order! Order ahead!

  • We offer pre-season discounts on all of our polytubing.
  • Pay and take delivery by March 31 to qualify for our best discount!
  • All of our tubing is made with 100% virgin resin, with nothing recycled in it.
  • We stand behind our products and offer warranties on every roll we sell!


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Recycling Program

*We offer a free recycling service for our general service area. Mainly for polytubing, call us to schedule a pickup. We require at least 15 rolls for a special trip.

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